4 No-Knife Ways to Create a Fun Pumpkin

4 No-Knife Ways to Create a Fun Pumpkin

My kids are older now, but I still hover nervously around them as they attempt to carve/hack/saw a gourd each fall. We love playing with pumpkins at the studio and have four non-knife ways to create a fun pumpkin to share with you today!


1. Golf Tees

There is a very satisfying crunch that takes place when you hammer (we use wooden mallets! A toy hammer would also work!) a golf tee into a pumpkin. Use the tees to create a pumpkin sculpture or spooky face. Wrap yarn around the tees for some extra fun.


2. Paint

Acrylic paint dries nicely on a pumpkin! Using cheap craft paint (usually .79 from Walmart), you can create your own pumpkin personality! Acrylic paint is best used layered so grab your hairdryer to dry the paint inbetween layers! 


3.  Poms 

Gluing poms to a pumpkin is a fun way to add details. We like to squirt a small amount of glue in a shallow bowl and dip the poms into it before adding to our pumpkin. Poms take a good amount of glue to get them to stick! 


4. Paint Pens

For a quick and mess free way of creating a jack-o-lantern draw on it when Posca Paint Pens! Paint pens are filled with fast drying acrylic paint and are PERFECT for adding details and intricate designs. We carry a rainbow assortment of them at the studio. You can purchase online HERE. 


And hey, if you're feeling super festive try all four together!! You knowww that's how Brightly rolls during our pumpkin painting workshops! 


Wishing you a wonderful & stab free (looking at you jack-o-lantern knife) Halloween, 



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