The Joy is In the Process. FULL STOP.

The Joy is In the Process. FULL STOP.

My heart has a few words to give to you today. Could I persuade you to take a moment and read a portion of the thoughts swirling inside my head? I’d love to share them with you. 

Brightly is a different kind of art studio. We are proud of that. We offer a different kind of art experience than you are used to. The end product, while always quirky & beautiful, is not our end goal.

Nope. The amazing team who runs this studio believes with our whole hearts that the joy is in the process. FULL STOP.

We encourage exploring, creating, gathering, tinkering, pivoting, problem solving, mess making, mixing new colors, adding shiny things, and using our hands.

We are FOR self expression, trying new things, being proud of who we are, and being a JOYFUL part of our community.

We are not a fine art studio. We are not focused on final products, being advanced, being better than someone else, or even comparing art between two people There is a time & place for that. It’s not here.

We spend a lot of our childhood & a heap ton of our adult lives trying to measure up. Our grades, our school work, our personality, our temperament, our careers, our homes—and man—IT IS EXHAUSTING. Amen?

We provide a place to create for no other reason than IT IS FUN. There is a fantastic and freeing joy there— and we welcome you to it!

& we of course clean up the mess. 

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