4 Reasons Art Is Essential To Kids

4 Reasons Art Is Essential To Kids

Creativity is important. 

Here are four reasons your child needs an art club:

1. Making new things builds problem solving skills.  Art at it's core is about learning how to make choices and solve problems. Rarely does art go according to plan. Artists learn to pivot and adapt each and every time they create. 

2. Clubs promote community + creativity. Many art classes do not promote peer to peer & peer to educator relationships. Our clubs focus on both! It is important for artists to have relationships within their clubs to work towards the goal of learning new skills. Just like your athlete has a team--your creative has a club. 

3.  Clubs provide opportunities for artists to process their worlds. Being a kid is tough! The pressure, demands, and focus required to be a student can be overwhelming even to the best kid.  Art provides opportunities to process, destress, & unwind connected activities. Our therapy-based process art activities are designed to promote creativity & help encourage the inner and outer child. 

4. Art is fun! The art we do is different than most classes. We encourage complete creative freedom at Brightly. We use high quality art materials, teach proper technique of mediums, & let the kids take it from there. Your artist will leave art club each week excited to come back. 


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