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Brightly At Home: Hot Rocks!

Hotttttt Rocks!

Hey creative besties! We absolutely love this art activity. We first did it during the pandemic & it's become a regular staple at the studio! We figured you might be spending some time with some of your favorite kiddos during the holidays. It's always fun to have an activity plan especially if you don't see all the kids very often. It's an icebreaker of sorts!  

You'll become the MOST FAVE immediately with this HOT ROCKS! activity. 


Here are the supplies you need:

  • rocks (fist sized works best!)

  • old crayons (unwrapped)

  • baking sheet

  • tongs

  • oven

  • paper plates and trivets (to protect your tables)

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Place rocks on a baking sheet, and heat rocks for 20 minutes. While the rocks are heating up, unwrap your crayon pieces. You will want all the wrappers off for this activity.

Once the rocks are heated, carefully remove one from the pan with tongs, and place it on a paper plate. (Keep the rest in the oven until you need them.) Place the paper plate on a trivet. The rocks will be HOT like a roll fresh from the oven. Warn your artists not to grab the rocks! (Even preschoolers can handle this activity—but make sure you supervise and help them to be extra safe.)

Now comes the BEST PART: press the crayons to the rock. The wax will start flowing to cover the rock, and your artists will smile at the unexpected beauty of a humble ol’ crayon. Use a pair of tongs to rotate your rock to reach all sides. When your rock is covered with wax, grab another from the oven and start a new masterpiece!

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