Brightly at Home: Kitchen Sink Paintings

Brightly at Home: Kitchen Sink Paintings

Looking for a fun way to spend a chilly afternoon? Save this for later--you'll be glad you did! 

Here are the supplies you need:

  • paper

  • random kitchen utensils: masher, whisk, big spoons, ladle, meat pounder, etc.

  • several colors of paint — anything except watercolor paint will work!

  • 3-4 paper plates

Before gathering your artists, place a good-sized squirt of paint on each plate. I would shoot for 3+ paper plates with paint. Set out a piece of paper for each child & a variety of kitchen tools to share.

Invite the kid(s) over to where you’d like them to make art. Tell them that today they will paint with things we use to make our dinner! Their eyes will twinkle because it’s crazzzzzy to paint with objects that you don’t normally! Enjoy that moment. You’ll feel like a rockstar—because you are!

Allow the kids to “tip-toe” their tools into the paint. Tell them we aren’t cannonballing—we are tip-toeing. Then they can stamp the tools onto the paper. The process of using one material to make repeated paintings is called printmaking. Encourage them to make new designs & fill the page.

Brightly Tips:

  • One (or all—LOL) of your kids will for sure cannonball their tool into the paint. We’ve got one in every family—and we still love them. Instead of getting frustrated, take that opportunity to talk about cause and effect: “Wow, that’s a lot of paint. Let’s try it and see what happens? Ack. that just made a blob. I don’t see a print. Looks like too much paint makes blobs—not prints. Can we try again?” Then try again!

  • Put a cookie sheet underneath the paper to make clean up a cinch.

  • Let them mix colors. Yup, It will make brown. That’s okay. Brown is not bad. They are doing this because of the process. The process is fun.

  • Fill your sink with warm, sudsy water & toss the “used” tools into the water. This makes sure the paint doesn't dry to your pancake flipper.

We’d love to see your kitchen sink paintings! Share photos on social media using #brightlyathome !

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