Can I Push You Around A Bit?

Can I Push You Around A Bit?

Hear me out...

You have an athlete. They come alive playing sports. You love watching them. What do you do? You sign them up for a team! You send them to camps in the summer. You maybe even shell out money to join a travel team. 

You have an artist. They love to create and make. They could spend hours  (and they do!) drawing in their room. Do they really need an art club? 

Just because your artist can create alone doesn't mean that they should. You wouldn't tell your athlete to learn the sport alone.  Can you imagine?  Hey baller, here's a youtube channel to learn plays and dribbing skills. See ya later. Good luck! Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? Don't do that to your artist. 

I'm being a little pushy right now, aren't I? 

I won't apologize for it, but I will acknowledge it. :) 

I'll tell you something that you already know. I'm saying in in pink so it's not mean or meant to make you feel shamed or judged. Kids need community. They need a place to belong, be encouraged, be with their peers, and explore their passions. It's a no brainer for athletes so why is it for creatives? 

Its cultural. 

I believe in your kids. I am championing them alongside you. I'm removing barriers so that you can provide them a place to flourish in their quirky, creative, and expressive selves. 

Barrier 1: It costs too much 

We now have our clubs (the creative team) set up with monthly tuition making the financial impact smaller and more sustainable. 

Barrier 2: We are busy

I don't know a single family with kids that isn't busy. However, you can now join, pause, or cancel your child's art club experience at anytime. 

Barrier 3: I'm forgetful

Lol. SAME. I once forgot to get my own children in an art club and I AM THE OWNER OF THE BUSINESS. Kindred spirits are we. You now only have to register once. Your child will be enrolled for the entire semester. Enroll once, auto pay, easy peasssyyyyyyy. 

If the monthly tuition is a barrier for you--please reach out. I mean it. 

I look forward to creating with your artist really soon. 

Love and respect and absolutely no shame, 
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