Creative Living: Emotion Playlists

Creative Living: Emotion Playlists

Have you ever made a feelings playlist? It’s something that I really enjoy & helps me move through a wave of emotion as it hits me. I’m a deeply feeling person who can get lost in the undertow of strong feelings and be tossed round and round. For years I saw this as a big flaw and was constantly trying to suppress the emotions as they came. Pushing them deep into my gut where they soured & made me extremely unhappy.

What I’ve learned is that the emotions I experience are just that—an experience. An experience that enhances my life & is temporary. Like a wave—some are big, choppy, smooth, rolling, or peaceful. However they all follow the same pattern. I can see them approaching, they roll into me, and I can either get caught in the roll or I can plant my feet and know that they will pass. Pretending they aren’t there, pushing them down, or justifying them leave me feeling empty and void. So instead I say hello to them, call them by name, & choose to explore them or let them pass.


For my friends who aren’t “feelers” this is probably super confusing to you. That’s okay. However, to my other feelers out there—I hope you feel less alone & less like you’re “too much”. You’re not. You might just be stuck in the undertow. It can be really strong. What has helped me gain a better relationship with my emotions is exploring  the emotions as they come.


How do you explore the emotions without getting stuck? Music helps me. I have several emotion-led playlists on Spotify. They begin with songs that allow me to express & feel deeply the emotion I see coming towards me. It then has 3-4 songs that help me express the emotions. I do a lot of angry painting. After the first 3-4 songs I’ll slowly transition to songs that neutralize the emotion. It’s a trigger that helps me to see the emotion flow through and move on. I end with songs that lead me to happiness.


Usually by the time I’ve moved through the playlist the emotion has also moved through me—bringing me back to center & feeling better.


Here are a few of my favorite songs for some strong emotions:



I Drink Wine- Adele

I Dreamed a Dream - Darren Criss

Sound of Surviving- Nichole Nordeman



Not Ready to Make Nice - The Chicks

Nightmare- Halsey

Till I Collapse - Eminem & Nate Dogg I meannnnnn I did graduate high school in 2001 😆



True Colors- Heather Headly

I Was Here- Beyonce

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength- Whitney Houston


Songs that Move Me Towards Happiness:

Lovely Day- Out of Eden

I Am Light- India Arie

Art in Me- Jars of Clay

You Gotta Be- Des’ree


Perhaps you feel big emotions. Maybe you have a little one you love that does? My guess is someone in your life has felt shame for big emotions—framing them in a creative way could be just what you needed to hear today. Thanks for letting me share a piece of my heart with you today. Living a creative life includes acknowledging emotions. I believe that with my whole heart.


Love you-mean it,


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