Fall Creative Play

Fall Creative Play


Try This! Nature Soup

It's easy to assume this activity is just for preschoolers. I promise you kids of all ages will be drawn to this fun outdoor activity. Put me to the test! 


  • bowls of varying sizes
  • tongs, spoons, scoops, colanders, potato mashers, etc.
  • spray bottle or jar with water & a few drops of food coloring (brightly tip: skip the yellow to avoid urine looking soup. LOLZ)
  • things you can gather from outside! leaves, seeds, acorns, pine cones, pine needles, flowers, bark, mulch, etc! (for extra mess add dirt!)
The Set Up:
Most of the time setting up an invitation to create is all you need to get a kid engaged! If you have a water table, use that! If not, set the items out on a tarp in the yard or the driveway in an appealing way. Your kids will be ready to play before you're even done setting up. 

What do I mean by an appealing way? Set the scene! Arrange bowls in a group and place a different nature item in each bowl. Place a spoon or mixer in each bowl. Top with some colored water. Allow children to play however they like. There is no right or wrong way as long as everyone playing is safe. 

If your child looks at you like "What in the what?" Give them a simple prompt. Say "Look at these fun things we found around our house! Let's play pretend and mix up some nature soup. What kind do you think a squirrel would like to eat?" 

Have fun & tell me how it goes. :) Laura 

Does this have you thinking "Nah girl, I'm good. Sounds like a lot of work."? I get that. That's why we have 7 sensory playgroups scheduled at our studio each week. Join us for one. All the planning, prep, and clean up is on us! 

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