Four NO MESS Art Supplies for Kids

Four NO MESS Art Supplies for Kids

The worst part of letting your kids make art at home? Hands down it’s the mess. #amIright? It’s the reason you love Brightly Art Studio. We provide the plan, prep, instruction, and clean up. There are things we do at the studio that I’d never in a trillion years dream of doing in my own home. A bin full of rainbow-dyed cooked spaghetti? HARD PASS. 

Today I’d love to share with you four “less mess” art supplies that we adore at the studio & I’d be happy to also have at my own home. There are not any age requirements for these supplies. Kids will experience them based on their own development. They all can be found on Amazon or at Dollar Tree. 

  1. Washi Tape -It’s not permanent & easy to tear. We love it on paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic. There are oodles of patterns & colors to choose from.

  2. Dollar Store Floral Wire - Kids love to bend, twist, and pinch. This wire is a thick gauge and comes in fun colors. A fun idea is to use a cardboard box to poke in the wire. Twist and bend the wire to make a roller coaster track. Use large beads as the “cars” for the coaster!

  3. Paint Sticks - They work like glue sticks, but are filled with a solid paint. Perfect for paper, cardboard or wood. They dry very fast and provide vibrant color. These get the Brightly Art Studio gold star. You can purchase the ones we use in our studio HERE. 

  4. Golf Tees & Wooden Clam Mallets —Kids of all ages love use hammers. It’s wonderful fine motor practice & provides kids with the experience of creating 3D art. Using an empty Amazon box with tees and mallets is our favorite way to allow kids to explore. 

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