Preschool Playgroups Got an Upgrade!

Preschool Playgroups Got an Upgrade!

We've Upgraded PreK Playgroups!

Our popular playgroups have gotten a really rad upgrade! First off, they have all been moved to our upstairs Loft*! This gives us oodles of more room & more space to create while avoiding sensory overload for our littlest artists (and their caregivers!). Hooray, right?

Secondly, we've added several new classes! Check out our schedule:
Tuesday @ 10 & 12:30
Wednesday @ 10 & 12:30
Thursday @10 & 12:30
Friday @10
Saturday @10

What is a preschool playgroup? 
A playgroup is a 45 minute process art self guided class best suited for kids ages walking-not yet in kindergarten. Caregivers make & create alongside their artists participating in 5 process art play stations. Each class will feature 2 sensory play bins, 2 take home art activities, & a gross motor large mural play station. 

What is the cost?
Each class is $17 & includes registration for 1 artist and 1 caregiver.

Can we come multiple weeks in a row?
Yes! You can experience playgroup in a single session or register for multiple weeks. We suggest choosing a day and time that work for you and coming each week.  That way you and your artist get to know the same instructor and relationships can grow between artists. We prepare 5 new stations every single week! 

Do you offer discounts?
Yes, starting in August 2022 we are bringing back our popular punch card system! After each class, make sure to get a card and get it punched by the front desk. For every 10 classes you attend you earn 1 free. Need a card? Pick one up at the front desk the next time you're in!

* Do you require ADA accommodations? Please note this during registration and we will make the necessary accommodations by moving our playgroup downstairs to make the experience best for you!


Registration for Preschool Playgroups is Open Now


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