Teased Bangs + Body Glitter

Teased Bangs + Body Glitter

Do you believe this lie?

We are all creators. We create ideas, processes, dreams, relationships, meals, and messes. That makes us all creative. I’d like to debunk that myth in your head that says, “I’m not creative.” Lies.

Did you grow up in the “Make your picture look exactly like the example, or you fail” era of art education? Yours looks different; therefore, it doesn’t measure up. You don’t measure up. You can’t do this.

I am so very sorry if you ever felt that way. Art wounds are totally a thing & my guess is you can pinpoint the moment someone you trusted insensitively criticized your work. It should not have been that way. 

Brightly wants to help you unwrap the gift of exploring creativity hidden inside. We want our artists to fall in love with the process of making art. 

And you with the “ I’m not good enough” lies swimming in your head? We can relearn. After all, didn’t we relearn a lot of things after we grew up? Teased bangs. Body glitter. White eyeliner...

Brightly can help you kick those lies to the curb. We have the space. The materials. The energy & the encouragement ready for you.

We are creators: me and you—and all those sweet little ones you love so much. 

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