Three Things Saving My Creative Life

Three Things Saving My Creative Life

One of my favorite authors, social media handles, and podcast is led by Kendra Adachi. She goes by The Lazy Genius and if you’re looking for someone down to earth, funny, and genius—I’d suggest giving her a follow. One thing that she consistently does is share things that are saving her life. These are items, places, people, or skills that are enhancing her life in a positive way in the moment. Its my favorite episode every time she does it and it got me wondering what are  things enhancing my life at the moment? I’d love to share if you’re down to read.

  •  The first thing saving my life right now is an ice roller. Thanks to mindless scrolling I was influenced to try ice rolling my face in the evenings. I tend to get sinus headaches and goodness gracious I love the silly little thing. You can get them pretty much anywhere. They have one in the target dollar spot right now or the one I have is from the Sonia Kashuk section.  It really does feel pretty darn amazing. #danginfluencers
  • The second thing saving my life is an app that I love and use daily. It’s the Libby App. It’s access to a digital library where I can place holds & borrow e-books & audio books for free with a local library card. Recently Brownsburg Public Library joined the Indiana Digital Library which has expanded their collection significantly. Here is what I’m currently reading: 
    • Bad Vibes Only - Nora McInerny
    • These Impossible Things - Salma El-wardany

    It’s too soon to rate or review these books—but I have started posting reviews of what I’ve recently read if you love reading on my personal Instagram @laurabethgambrel.

    • The third thing is an art supply that I LOVE. I enjoy making and creating & attempt to do a little weekly. Sometimes I work on big canvases but most of the time it’s in a small art journal. One of my favorite supplies to use is a small travel watercolor set. Any brand will do.  I usually sit at the kitchen table and paint while the kids work on homework or while they are watching a game. It gives me the creative release I crave while allowing me to still be present with the family & not holed up in my home studio.

    What three things are enhancing your life right now? I’d truly love to know. Feel free to reply directly to this email. It’s only me that reads it. If you’re not into sharing that’s okay too. Maybe reflect for a minute on it though? It’s a form of gratitude & can help you pull positive moments out of your life—even when things feel like they are spiraling.


    Love you- mean it,


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