What is Process Art?

What is Process Art?

Less than a decade ago I had no idea what process art was. I’d honestly not heard the term—even in my art ed & fine arts classes from college. When someone explained the term to me—I felt my head nodding with passion as I heard all of the terms of the kind of art I had wanted to make for decades. When I began thinking of the kind of art I wanted to teach—process art kept tumbling around and around. To me process based art holds all the magic. 


So what is it? Simply, process art is the act of creating. It places the focus on the making, doing, & creating. It is less  focused on product. It is driven by the artists’ curiosity. Process art is open-ended with multiple avenues for discovery. It is focused on exploration and play. It is always unique to the child.


Process art is not guided by rules and instructions. It is not focused on perfection or the right way. It is intuitive, free, & can be messy.


Brightly Art Studio is a process art based studio. We want artists to fall in love with the process more than the product. We do not strictly do only process art activities—but our focus is always on choices, options,  and multiple avenues for success.


Product driven art is not bad or wrong. However I do believe that in order to become creative thinkers children must be taught process art first. Product driven art can and should be introduced once the child has a firm confident base of exploration, curiosity, & play.


Are you interested in learning more about process art with your team, group, co-op, or school? We do immersive process art play and training at the studio. Submit an inquiry HERE.

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